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Why Pre-plan..?


”I don’t care what you do with me

   …just throw me in a box or whatever!”


An understandable sentiment

when talking and thinking

about our own death!

No one…wants to think about it

let alone face the inevitable fact of death

…and we certainly don’t want to think about

pre-planning how our own

disposition will take place.

But…the fact is, it can be one of the many

important steps you can take that helps

your spouse and family in a big way.

The thing is, pre-planning provides answers.

Answers to questions at a highly distressing

time, that can seem insurmountable if left for

your unprepared family members to answer.

Pre-planning answers the questions

about “how”  and it helps to eliminate doubt.

A pre-arrangement file gathers together

all the little bits of information

that is required for documents

at the time of death.

And one of the more important things

is that it can control cost by providing

pre-determined guidelines that you

have created to help your family.

Pre-planning can be as simple as

just setting up a file expressing your

wishes or you may also choose

to provide for pre-payment as well.

California’s state law requires that pre-paid

funds are safely placed in some form of trust

to be used at the time of death when-ever

and where-ever they are needed.

You can make things a lot easier

on your family and you can choose

not to leave them in the dark.

It may be your funeral and or

cremation, but we all know in our

hearts that the funeral and memorial

service is really for the benefit

of those left behind.

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